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Education and the Learning Tech Revolution

The 21st century brought about a revolution in the education industry, with the internet as an instant and always-on source of learning. Market disruptions today have amplified the need for learning technology solutions for blended learning experiences. As digital learning solution offers boundaryless access to education through phygital models, digital university, extended reality, and most recently, the metaverse, students get to experience hyper-personalized, immersive, and self-paced learning. Add to that the collaboration between the industry and academia to reimagine the broader construct of education, and you have a dynamic, future-ready workforce. Let LP CLOUD LAB Education Unit digitalize education for you

Redefining digital era with IT solutions for education industry

The tech experts at LP CLOUD LAB provide an array of e-learning solutions that cover web portal development, learning apps

  •                     E-Learning Solutions
  •                      Mobile Learning Applications
  •                      Institute Management Solutions
  •                     Virtual Classroom Solutions

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continuously upskill and reskill to enhance performance and improve employability.

As a result, corporates are looking to deploy immersive learning and development programs supported by the five essential blocks of people, content, technology, data, and governance, and introduce customized corporate training programs and products suited to the requirements of each learner. TCS Corporate Digital Academy is a corporate skilling, reskilling, and digital learning offering that allows corporates to provide an immersive learning experience to employees, in line with the technology trends. Embedded with artificial intelligence (AI), the offering enables intuitive and personalized learning supported by a library of digital content which learners can explore at their own pace and convenience, through multiple devices.